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From: TVBB Club []
Sent: Friday, October 16, 2015 9:35 AM
To: All TVBB Club Members
Subject: Exciting news regarding the Oxford gym floor


We have some exciting news we’d like to share with our TVBB Club members.


Our Men’s Basketball Club along with the Villages Badminton and Volleyball Clubs have been working with the Oxford Baptist Church to conduct the due diligence on the installation of a new safer “sport court” type floor in their gym, Along with the floor, and providing the additional funds can be raised, a secondary plan exists to add wall, corner and pillar padding. The target installation date is by the end of this year. This has been an extensive effort and involves a significant investment of $45,000 on behalf of the Church. While everything looks quite favorable, the final step is a few weeks away when the Church Board will meet to hopefully approve this project and its expenditure.


Here’s where our Club members come into play. Since our three Clubs are extensive users of this facility we too have made some financial commitments to assist the Church with their $45,000 investment:


1) Our three Clubs have committed to an annual $10/member donation during the term of the Church’s loan, which we will incorporate into our annual club dues structure.

2) Our Clubs will conduct a member fundraising drive this fall to assist with the installation cost that hopefully with occur this December.

3) Our Clubs will also approach local businesses, local  charitablefoundations and TheVillages for fundraising  onations as well. If you know of other local potential donation avenues we should pursue, please let any of our Board Members know ASAP.


These safety enhancements will be well worth our donations and are greatly appreciated. We hope the Church will approve the installation of the new floor within the next few weeks. Once this is done, we will be contacting our members again with more information on the project and on our fundraising plans.


If you have any questions please ask any of our Board Members. 

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