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The Villages Men's Basketball Club RULES OF PLAY - 6/1/19, Revision 4
1.  All players must agree to abide by these Rules of Play and the Commonly Misunderstood BB Rules, both are in support of our safety mission.
2.  All male Village residents are eligible to play and all players must be 50 years old (minimum).  Exceptions will be granted for member guests (see Visiting Guest Policy page).
3.  All players must complete a TV Rec Dept Release Waiver annually. Annual membership renewal will require your Villages ID card.
4.  There is no commitment to play each day.  Playing is done on a voluntary basis.
5.   All players must wear a reversible shirt or have two t-shirts when playing (black/dark blue & red/orange).
6.  Teams will consist of 3, 4, or 5 players (depending upon the number of players).
7.  Players will refrain from using obscene or vulgar language.  Players must refrain from hard or deliberate fouls.  Violence and/or overly aggressive play will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.  Safety is our number one consideration.
8.  At the first sign of blood, or injury, play will be stopped immediately.
9.  Shirts must be worn at all times.
10.  Games are played to 15 points (1 for fouls, 2 for inside the arc baskets, 3 for outside the arc baskets, if no players are waiting to play the 15 points rule is waived).    
11. Fouls may be called by either the Offensive or Defensive player. The individual who was fouled has the final say on whether it is a foul. If the foul is on a shot and if the shot is made, one point is awarded and the defense gets the ball. If the shot is not made, 1 point is awarded and the offense gets the ball out again.  If a defensive foul occurs that would result in the 15th and winning point, the offensive player can either shoot a FT or take possession of the ball.  If the FT is made, the game is over; if missed the offensive team maintains possession of the ball at the score prior to the foul.  If the defensive team commits a second 15th point foul, the point is award to the offense and the game is over.  Both teams have the right to this one time 15th point foul/FT exception.
12.  If there is a disputed call, such as who touched the ball last and which cannot be resolved by either side, the ball is awarded based on alternate possession.
13.  Every effort must be made to balance the teams from a competency/size perspective.
14.  When players are waiting on the sideline to play, players on the court may only play 2 consecutive games and then must sit out at least 1 game.  If there are not enough waiting players to form a team, the losing team will come off the floor and the waiting players will merge with players from the losing team to form a new team.
15. When a lot of players are expected to play, more than 15, a signup sheet will be used to assure a fair and proper rotation of players occurs.  A signup sheet will be provided.  When the 21th player enters the gym, he and everyone that follows should sign their name to the sheet.  When a player has completed his turn on the floor after games, the player needs to sign the sheet.  This should be done every time the player completes his turn on the court.  When the next game begins, the next five players on the sheet should enter the game.  At this time, the teams should be balanced to provide competitive games.  At the end of the game, the players that have played two consecutive games, even if they are the winning team, should leave the court and sign the sheet again.
16.  At the start of a new game, the losing team (or the new team on the court) will have the first possession.
17.  In dead ball situations, the ball will be put in play from the top of the key and the ball must be checked by the defensive team and, the ball cannot be touched, or stolen, by a defensive player when the ball is passed (on the first pass) to an offensive player standing outside the 3 point line.
18.  On a change of possession (rebound, steal ball, steal pass, etc), the ball must be taken past the 3 point line (both feet must be positioned on the floor outside the 3 point line).
19.  Side baskets must be used, when necessary (typically at the high school).
20.  Requests for clarification, additions, deletions, or changes to rules should be submitted to the Board.





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