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Any male Village resident (as witnessed by your Villages ID) who is 50 years or older.

Enrollment Process 

New members can join our club by showing up at the designated gym of that day and start time (see Schedules page and Gym Locations page).  Just ask for our President & Founder, Lonnie.  You will be required to present your Villages ID and a valid drivers license (for age verification), sign an Acitivity Release (see Villages Recreation Release page if you desire to review it prior to your visit) and pay the annual club dues (currently $15). And then immediately join our games.

We play in reversible jerseys of red and black/dark blue. You can purchase a jersey at the gym for $10.  Or, if you have a red t-shirt and a black/dark blue t-shirt you have the option to play in that attire.  We don't have shower facilities at our gyms but restrooms exist.  Players typically wear their playing gear to the gym & change into their basketball shoes at the gym.

We recommend you review the Rules of Play page prior to your first visit.

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