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 In support of our stated safety mission:
  • to minimize overly aggressive/intense play, injury and liability of our 50 year old + members,
  • to more closely align our guests with the abilities and ages of our members,
  • and; to align with the Official Guest Policy of The Villages;
  Our club will adhere to following Guest Policy
1.  Any active club member is welcome to bring a male guest, who has a valid VILLAGE’S GUEST PASS/ID and is 50 YEARS OLD or greater, to participate in our games.  Our expectations are:
     • The sponsoring member be present at the games;
     • The guest must display their TV Guest Pass/ID & complete             the TV liability waiver;
     • The member proactively educates the guest in our Rules of             Play (available on our website);
     • The member takes responsible to align the guest’s                     performance (e.g. overly-aggressive play, language, etc)               in accordance with our published Rules of Play, Mission                   Statement or daily procedures;
     •  And, members may only bring that same guest to a                   couple of games during a valid Guest Pass issuance.
2.  Any registered male Villages Lifestyle Visitor is welcome to be a guest at our games without the invitation or accompaniment of a member.  We expect they will adhere to all the other guest criteria outlined above.
3.  Guests are required to pay any appropriate daily gym fee, at the member rate. 
NOTE:  Members are always welcome to bring guests of any age as a spectator to our games.
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