The TVBB Club EXPECTS participating players to respect

our clubmate’s health risks, therefore:


#1) If you, or anyone in or visiting your household, has experienced any of the following, please quarantine yourself for 7-10 days or successfully pass a covid test before returning to our gym: 

  • Have experienced any covid-like symptoms

  • Have recently attended large public events or traveled on public transportation (airports, trains, etc)

  • Have out of our "bubble" visitors staying at your home

  • Are renters or seasonal owners returning to our "bubble" for this winter season

  • Have recently traveled out of our Villages “bubble”; meaning a trip out of FL or a trip within FL to a beach, tourist attraction, covid “hot spot” like West Palm Beach or Miami, etc.).  This does not include local area trips where appropriate covid rules are enforced, such as a trip to an Ocala car dealer to have your car serviced.  

#2) Please DO NOT show up at our gyms if:

  • You are in the high risk category

  • You or anyone in or visiting your household works regularly in the public arena - even weekly testing leaves 6 days of potential risk 

#3) Please DO NOT bring guests!