Alerts  - -  Alerts !!  

Gyms are still close at this time.  We will keep you up to date, when there is more info about the gyms.
Hope everyone is safe.

Sundays until further notice - -
Divisional play: "standard" division at the HS gym at 8:15 am (critical due to new electronic gate ... be there at 8:15 am)
& "advanced" division at the 4/5th gym at 8 am

Upcoming Events / Activities


None planned at this time 




The Village Basketball (TVBB) Club is comprised of residents of The Villages who are 50 years old or greater and who have a common interest in playing competitive pick-up basketball.


For club members to enjoy the exercise and camaraderie associated with pick-up basketball while striving to maintain an environment that minimizes the potential for personal injury.
We aren't as young as we used to be or wish we were! But we still enjoy the game and the fellowship.  AND we want to leave the court today in the physical condition allowing us to return to play tomorrow!