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structure to our Sunday games Jan - Apr


On Sundays during the high attendee season of January to April we use the 4th-5th grade center gym & the HS gym.  


Due to the increased player attendance during the January to April season we divide play into the "advanced" & "standard" play divisions. This is being done so that players of similar abilities/intensity levels can play together to enhance safety while still maximizing one’s enjoyment of the game and workout.  
The advanced division is targeted toward players who have more past experience with the game & likely above average skills/physical abilities.  Often they tend to be on the younger side of our average age of 65 & have a more serious approach/intensity level toward the game.  The standard division is where players tend to have less past basketball experience/skills.   
This divisional play will be:  Sunday's 8:30 am at The Villages HS for the standard division & at the 4th-5th grade center gym for the advanced division. Please show up at the appropriate gym.  You ask … how do I know at which gym to appear?  Please read on!
Initially we are going to try a “self-selection” basis for the advancec or standard divisions.  Members should decide for themselves where they feel most comfortable.  BUT, please be realistic in your assessment of your experiences/skills.  Begin in the standard division if in doubt.  However, if enough concern regarding “self-selection” choices surfaces from members, we reserve the right to "help" players categorize themselves in accordance with the criteria listed above.  Hopefully this will not be required.  But it would not be unexpected to have a few player’ choices questioned considering we have over 135 members & not everyone sees themselves as others might.


 If you have questions please reach out to any of our Club's Board Members.







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